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Apple iPhone 8’s 3D Face-Scanning Feature Revealed In HomePod’s Firmware

Developer Steve Stroughton-Smith tweeted Sunday revealing that the HomePod firmware has confirmed a rumored iPhone 8 feature. The iPhone 8 is expected to feature an infra-red front camera with 3D face unlocking capability, according to the tweet.

Stroughton-Smith further revealed that Apple will have a biometric kit for developers while another iOS developer Guilherme Rambo confirmed that the iPhone 8 will have an edge-to-edge display with a large screen-to-body ratio.

All these revelations have been sourced by the developers from the firmware of the company smart speaker, the HomePod. Stroughton Smith had also revealed some HomePod features confirmed by the same firmware last week.

Going by the rumors, leaks, and revelations that have been surfacing lately, Apple is more or less confirmed to ditch its traditional Touch ID home button. Instead, it was rumored to go for facial recognition or a display-embedded fingerprint sensor. Now that official HomePod firmware has seemingly confirmed the existence of facial recognition on the device, chances are that the device might not feature a display-embedded fingerprint sensor.

Previous reports stated it has been difficult for companies such as Apple and Facebook to feature a display-embedded fingerprint sensor due to production line issues. The Samsung Galaxy S8 was also rumored to feature one during early 2017, but the phone finally featured a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device.

An edge-to-edge display is expected to be a single glass layer and a display-embedded sensor would disrupt its continuity. Furthermore, the displays being made by Samsung are expected to be more sensitive than traditional bezel displays and to deliver the touchscreen sensitivity along with the sensor might be difficult currently as per the current display technology.

The fact that besides an ARKit, Apple could provide a BiometricKit to developers indicates that the iPhone 8’s face recognition capabilities might be used for more than just unlocking the device. Chances are that the phone’s front camera might be used for making payments or unlocking individual apps.

The inclusion of face recognition technology might give the iPhone 8 an edge over rivals such as Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to a render sourced by Engadget, the iPhone 8 could feature a glass back, which would make long-distance wireless charging possible on the device. A wireless charging coil is expected to be featured under the rear chassis. The device is also expected to have AR-based features and a multi-sensor camera at the back.

The iPhone 8 is expected to also feature 3D imaging capabilities, which might help the company entice gamers.

The device is also expected to include an improved version of the Siri voice assistant on the device, which will compete with Samsung’s Bixby and Google Assistant.

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Semalt Expert: What SEO Mistakes People Do When Running E-Commerce Website

E-commerce SEO can be a gold mine especially for those who know how to do it right. There are many individuals out there who claim to teach you SEO, but it often ends up with misleading information.

The expert of Semalt Digital Services Jason Adler explains very common misconceptions that mislead people who run SEO for e-commerce business.

1. SEO can fix everything.

In fact, SEO has an impact on sales, but other marketing channels play a significant role as well. When driving sales for accompany, many factors need to be considered, not just ranking a website. SEO enhances the sales, but the product delivery should also be competitive. Other factors in competition might include product offering, merchandising, usability, pricing, and much more. Focusing solely on technical SEO can easily mislead you.

2. Category pages don’t matter

Category pages are the platforms for adding more keywords. Using a tool like Semalt Website Analizer, you can find long tail keywords, which you can include in your categories. It is always recommendable to optimize the meta title, H1 tag, meta description, URL, and your body content (if there is one) for the WebCrawler to index these categories.

3. Duplicating content from external websites is wrong

Getting repurposed content to your site can be a good decision. However, you must be good also in getting backlinks. For instance, Amazon makes a tremendous profit from re-using their sites description for reaching top rankings. They have a strong backlinking strategy.

4. ‘One size fits all’ searcher intent prediction

Never fall for the blogger who uses category pages as bait for visitors. People surf the internet mainly for two reasons. The first one is researching. One might be trying to learn the market or gather certain information about something. This person needs only information and will not drive your sales in that particular instance. The second reason is related to making a purchase. Someone might be ready to buy a product. These kind of visitors should be directed to product and category pages that are optimal for sale. Bait and switch technique might lead to missing a willing buyer due to failed directions.

5. Reviews don’t help SEO

Reviews are a way to rank higher in the search engines. Furthermore, reviews increase the credibility and trust of clients to your website. Many buyers tend to read reviews before making a purchase. A good reviews strategy, indexed by Google, will surely compliment your SEO efforts. Reviews also increase the engagement time of a user on your website. Amazon is good at getting product reviews, which makes them get very many sales.

E-commerce is a technical field which has been flooded by many misconceptions. People tend to rely solely on aspects of internet marketing such as SEO but fail to appreciate other digital marketing techniques which work. Drawing on the tips listed above, you can make a distinction between a fact to follow or a misconception to ignore. After all, the overall goal of an internet marketing campaign is usually increasing leads and ultimately conversions.

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Microsoft’s new patent reveals Surface Phone’s unique feature

Microsoft has filed yet another patent that has some details of the Surface Phone’s feature. The rumour has it that Microsoft has planned to create a new category with the upcoming Surface Phone. Satya Nadella recently confirmed that the company is working on a ultimate mobile device.

The new patent hints that the Surface Phone might have the support for virtual network operators. The patent is filed under the title, “Wireless Commnuciations Device”. The Microsoft employees have also explained as to how the LTE technology would change the world when used on a small handheld device i.e Surface Phone.

Microsoft filed the patent back in January 2016 but it was published today. It shows a foldable device with support for the wireless phone network.

“In the implementation shown in FIG. 1, display 112 is raised above second housing 104 by an amount roughly equal to the thickness of first housing 102 such that, when wireless communications device 100 is in the closed position, display 112 and first housing 102 sit flush with respect to one another. In this implementation, second housing 104 may measure approximately 6 mm by 72 mm by 74.5 mm, except in the area of display 112 where the thickness is double, approximately 12 mm. First housing 102 in this implementation may measure 6 mm by 72 mm by an amount such that first housing 102 and display 112 equal approximately 74.5 mm. Therefore when wireless communications device 100 in this implementation is in the closed position, its dimensions are approximately 12 mm by 72 mm by 74.5 mm and, when wireless communications device 100 is in the fully open position, i.e., when angle 108 equals approximately 180°, its dimensions are approximately 12 mm  (o.47 inch) by 72 mm (2.8 inch) by 144 mm (5.6 inch),” the patent is described on Patents Scope.

The patent gives us a look at how the foldable Surface Phone phone would work like. Surface Phone is reportedly coming next year with improved Windows 10 Mobile Experience.

Recently a leaked video revealed that Surface Phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. It will also come with ONTO TABLE Projection Continuum feature that will offer desktop work of up to 1 hour.

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Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone: Will Mukesh Ambani announce it at AGM tomorrow?

Reliance Industries will have its annual general meeting (AGM) on July 21, and all eyes will be on announcements regarding Reliance Jio, and whether there will be new products around the service. There’s a chance the Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE enabled feature phone will be unveiled.

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani will address the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) on July 21, and all eyes will be on announcements regarding Reliance Jio and whether there will be new products around the service. For sometime, we have seen leaks around the Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE enabled feature phone and it remains to be seen whether this will be finally unveiled. It is learnt that there will be at least one “consumer-centric” announcement by Ambani at the event.

According to reports in the Business Standard, Foxconn is manufacturing the Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone, though another report in the Economic Timesis claiming that Intex will be manufacturing most of these feature phones. has not been able to verify either of the claims. The Reliance Jio LYF branded feature phone could be priced under Rs 1500, though previously reports have pegged the price to be as low as Rs 500. However, the latter is unlikely given that this would mean Jio will need to heavily subsidise the phone.

But The Economic Times report says the Intex phone will be co-developed with Jio and sold via a “subsidy model”. So in all possibility, this phone will come pre-bundled with the Jio services, and is expected to hit the market in August of this month. Jio will need a phone like this to bring in more users to add to its consumer base, estimated to be above 120 million at the moment.

Another report in TechPP had given detailed images and specifications of the Reliance Jio 4G feature phone, and said this will have a 2.4-inch colour display, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory along with a dual-SIM. The phone could also have a microSD card support along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and GPS, which would really make this feature phone stand out. There’s no clarity on the processor.

The phone will pretty much be custom-made to work on the Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE network and will be loaded with some Jio apps. The video watching experience might not be all that great on a 2.4-inch display, but Jio will most likely look at this as a tasting menu for these users to opt for larger phones and better data packages in the future.

For Reliance Jio, which has an entirely 4G VoLTE network, the need to pull in feature phone users is understandable. Most feature phones have 2G, 3G band support and don’t support 4G VoLTE, which means Jio is losing out on a chunk of users. Despite the rise of smartphones in India, feature phones still dominate the market. It is this number that Jio is chasing with the feature phone. Whether this phone is finally announced on July 21 is what remains to be seen.

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To Teach or Not to Teach Without Books?

                                    The Ultimate Question

Part 1
What should a teacher keep in mind while choosing a method of teaching? Should one continue with the same method they once chose at the beginning of career or evolve with the level of classes and number of years in the profession. There are teachers whose methodology changes with change in level of students and their own experience? There are others who prefer sticking to the same old gun.

The whole debate and discussion today is: To teach or not to teach a class from textbooks?
I am not totally against use of textbooks by a teacher in a class. Nor do I mean to undermine their importance in a class. But my question is——–up to what level?


At primary level the textbooks are indispensable. You will have my views on that too but not today. Reading habit cannot be developed among students in the absence of textbook. At upper primary level too role of textbooks cannot be neglected. Even a layman too knows it.


(to be continued…..)

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Motorola expected to launch Moto X4 and Moto Z2 on July 25

Motorola has reportedly sent out press invites for a launch event in New York City on June 25. Lenovo, the company that owns Motorola Mobility is expected to launch either the long  rumoured Moto X4 or the Moto Z2 on the stated date.  Meanwhile, the company is gearing up to launch the Moto E4 Plus in India on July 12.

Both the Moto X4 and the Moto Z2 have been subjected to several leaks and rumours already. While the Moto X4 is expected to be a new mainstream phone that is most likely to sit between the Moto G and the Moto Z series, the Moto Z2 is will succeed last year’s Moto Z and may be a specced up version of the recently announced Moto Z2 Play.

Here’s all we know about the Moto X4 and Moto Z2:

–Moto X4 is expected to come with a 5.2-inch screen display, while the Moto Z2 may sport a 5.5-inch Quad HD display.

–The Moto Z2 is expected to be powered by the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset, while the Moto X4 may come with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC. That being said, Moto X4 may give a direct competition to most of the flagship phones of the year which include – OnePlus 5, HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

–Both the upcoming Motorola phones are expected to run on the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat operating system.

–On the camera front, the Moto X4 is likely to come with a dual camera setup at the rear, where one primary 12-megapixel sensor and a  secondary 8-megapixel sensor. The smartphone is further said to include a 16-megapixel selfie shooter. The Moto Z2 is expected to come with a 12-megapixel camera on the rear with a 5-megapixel camera at the front.

–Storage wise, Moto X4 is tipped to come with 64GB, which can also be further expanded via a microSD card. While there are no details revealed about the storage on Moto Z2.

–Further, both the Moto X4 and Moto Z2 is rumoured to come with 4GB of RAM memory.

–Moto X4 is further tipped to come with a 3000mAh battery. We know nothing about the Moto Z2 battery, after from the fact that the device may come with a much bigger batter compared to its successor – Moto Z.

So, that’s all the rumours till date reveal about both the Moto X4 and Moto Z2 smartphones. No details about the pricing have been tipped about either of the smartphones. Now, about the India launch, there are no words as of now, however the company like it did for the Moto C, C Plus, Moto Z2 Plus may also bring these upcoming smartphones in the Indian market in the days to come.

Moto E4 Plus India launch details

Meanwhile, Motorola is gearing up to launch the Moto E4 Plus. Moto India a few days ago posted a teaser stating that the company will be launching the Moto E4 Plus in the country very soon, although didn’t mention the launch date. The video teaser states that the E4 Plus will succeed the Moto E3 Power and further adds that the smartphone will come with a massive 5000mAh battery. The Moto E4 Plus was recently launched (alongside the Moto E4) globally at a price of $179.99 (roughly Rs.11,600).

It comes with a 5.5-inch HD display with a 720×1280 pixel resolution and is powered by a quad-core 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor clubbed with 2GB of RAM and up to 32GB of internal storage. The phone runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat and an almost stock version of it. On the optics front, the E4 Plus sports a 13-megapixel camera on the rear, and a 5-megapixel front facing camera.

The Moto E4 Plus will be a Flipkart exclusive product, confirmed both the company and the online e-commerce retail store. The smartphone is expected to go on sale soon after the July 12 launch, which is going to happen at 12PM.

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Moto Launch Event, #HelloMotoWorld, Scheduled for July 25

It seems like we might soon see some new Moto-branded devices as Lenovo has started sending out invites for a Moto launch event in New York City on July 25. The company has given no clues about the event and the smartphones that might be unveiled, but only mentioned that it will be a Moto event and will be organised later this month.

In its launch invite, shared by The Verge, the company has used the hashtag ‘#hellomotoworld’ and used the tagline “you won’t want to miss this.” The invite has the mention of ‘Motorola’ as well but as mentioned before, there is no specific indication about any smartphone unveiling.

However, recently Lenovo’s upcoming Moto X4 smartphone was comprehensively leaked and there is a slight chance that the company might unveil the handset at its NYC event. Other smartphones that can possibly be launched at the event could be the Moto Z2 and Moto Z2 Force. While both these smartphones are expected to pack a Snapdragon 835 SoC, the Moto Z2 Force is expected to feature a ShatterShield screen as well.

Moto X4 specifications

VentureBeat’s Evan Blass reported that the Moto X4 will be unveiled in fourth quarter this year, citing a person with knowledge of the company’s plans. In terms of specifications, the Moto X4 has been said to come with an aluminium body and pack a 5.2-inch full-HD display. The recently leaked render of the Moto X4 further suggests that the phone might come with a curved screen.

The highlight feature on the smartphone is its dual camera setup on the rear end with an 8-megapixel and another 12-megapixel sensor. The phone also features a 16-megapixel camera at front for taking selfies, as per the report. The Moto X4 has been tipped to come with IP68 water and dust resistance rating as well as a fingerprint scanner at the front that allows users to unlock the device as well as provides other navigation controls as well.

The upcoming Moto X4 is said to run Android 7.1 Nougat and powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 SoC clocked at 2.2GHz coupled with 4GB of RAM. The smartphone has been tipped to come with 32GB of built-in storage and house a 3000mAh battery. Notably, the Moto X4 is expected to be the first non-Google smartphone to support the search giant’s Project Fi MVNO service that allow users to switch seamlessly between the different carriers.

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Reliance Jio may launch 4G VoLTE feature phone worth Rs 500 soon

Reliance Jio is likely to launch its much awaited 4G feature phone priced as low as Rs 500, a media report said, which would further stiffen competition in the telecom sector which Mukesh Ambani’s venture has already disrupted.

The launch could be during RIL’s annual general meeting on July 21, The Economic Times reported on Wednesday.

Rumour are also rife that Reliance Jio may soon launch a new 4G-capable laptop with dedicated 4G SIM slot, besides more offers and deeper discounts.

As its Dhan Dhana Dhan offer comes to a close, telecom sector observers say that Jio will continue on its customer acquisition spree with aggressive tariffs plans. Jio already has 112.55 million subscribers as of April 2017.

Currently, Jio offers smartphones under its Lyf brand, starting as low as Rs 3,000, in the economy 4G phones segment of the likes of Micromax and Intex. But a 4G phone worth Rs 500 would disrupt the Indian telecom sector that has been seen huge competition since the launch of Jio in 2016.

Mukesh Ambani has been capitalising on India’s growing internet users with big investment plans into his venture Jio. According to a recent Internet Trends 2017 report by Mary Meeker, India’s access to internet has growing exponentially from mobile phones, with 355 million users on phones in June 2016 and 277 million broadband users, as of March 2017. Only China has larger internet-using population of around 700 million.

Interestingly, 72% of Internet users in India are less than 35 years of age.

Reliance derives the bulk of its revenue from its core refining and petrochemicals operations, but the group has bet big on Reliance Jio Infocomm. When launched in September 2016, Jio offered a flurry of cheap phones, free voice and data plans, forcing some rivals to crumble and others to unite.

Mukesh Ambani’s younger brother Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications merged with its smaller rival Aircel. In February, India’s biggest telco Bharti Airtel bought out the Indian operations of Norway’s Telenor. This was followed by Britain’s Vodafone announcing a merger with Aditya Birla Group’s Idea Cellular, to together become the biggest telecom company in India.

Reliance Jio, however, controls the highest chunk of 4G airwaves across India.

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WILL INACTIVE PLUGINS SLOW DOWN WORDPRESS? SHOULD YOU DELETE INACTIVE PLUGINS? Will Inactive Plugins Slow Down WordPress? Should You Delete Inactive Plugins?

Recently, one of our readers asked us about deactivated plugins slowing down WordPress and whether they should delete inactive plugins. Many WordPress users often install plugins for testing and then deactivate them. In this article, we will answer do deactivated plugins slow down WordPress and whether its safe to delete inactive plugins?

What are Deactivated or Inactive Plugins in WordPress?

The best thing about WordPress is that you can extend it by using WordPress plugins. When you install a WordPress plugin, WordPress downloads the plugin file to your web hosting server.

In order to start using a plugin, you will need to activate it.

You can install plugins and activate them later. You can also deactivate a plugin that you tried but didn’t find useful. You can see all your installed plugins (both active and inactive) on the plugins page in WordPress admin area.

Active plugins are highlighted in blue and inactive plugins show a delete link below them.

Do Inactive Plugins Slowdown WordPress?

No, inactive or deactivated plugins do not slow down WordPress. To understand that, let’s see how WordPress works behind the scenes.

Each time a user requests a page from your WordPress site, WordPress starts a loading process. During this process, it only loads active plugins installed on your website. All inactive plugins are totally ignored and are not loaded or even looked at.

Even if you have dozens of inactive plugins installed on your website, it would not affect the performance of your site or make it slow.

The only place where WordPress looks for the inactive plugins on your site is the ‘Plugins’ page itself. Even then, it only looks for plugin’s header file and does not load the plugins themselves.

If your WordPress site is slow, then inactive plugins are definitely not the reason. You may want to check out our ultimate step by step guide to speed up WordPress and boost performance.

Should I Delete Inactive Plugins in WordPress?

The reason why WordPress allows you to deactivate plugins instead of directly deleting them is because sometimes you may just want to switch off a plugin temporarily.

If you plan to use that plugin soon, and you fear that deleting the plugin will delete its settings, then you should keep it.

Otherwise, there is really no point in keeping the inactive plugins installed on your website. In fact, they can be quite problematic at times.

For example, whether or not you are using that plugin, WordPress will still show you updates for those plugins. This can be a bit annoying particularly if you have many regularly updated plugins installed on your site.

Inactive plugins can be harmless, but they are still executable files. In case of an hacking attempt, these files can get infected or can be used to install malware on your site. As a WordPress security precaution, you should delete any inactive plugins that you do not intend to use.

We hope this article helped answer your questions about deactivated WordPress plugins and deleting inactive plugins. You may also want to see our list of essential WordPress plugins that you should install on your site.