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Big Old Guards Coming to their Senses

Customers Rife with Exorbitant Prices:
This is what the customers had been waiting for years. They were over and done with ever increasing prices by

the telecom operators. Having an excess to unlimited calls and net serfs had become customers’ unfulfilled dreams. TRAI tried to persuade operators to transfer or share their profit with customers. But the greedy and arrogant operators paid no heed to the oft repeated calls of the regulators.

Jio’s Emphatic Entry-An End to Hegemony:
Customers seemed to getting no respite from hefty prices of their operators. And the insensitive operators too were enjoying fleecing the customers. But unexpected incarnation of Reliance Jio brought huge relief and jubilation to the customers while incurring huge loss inflicting pain, shock and dismay to the existing players in telecommunication. The new entrant brought an immediate end to their hegemony.

Old Players crying their Eyes and Heart Out- TRAI cutting No Ice:
The old players cried foul while the fledgling kept wooing customers with a bang. It was a period of a great upheaval in the markets. The old guards were loosing customers. The former got no recharge, no top up and no new customers. Their profit nosedived. They were reeling under an unexpectedly the worst phase ever. Reliance Jio was poaching their long standing customers with predatory prices. TRAI was requested to interfere into Jio doling out freebies. But it cut no ice.

Old Guards Jumping into the Fray:
At last the old players too had to understand that whimpering won’t change their fortune. They have earned enough and if they want to stay into the market they will have offer their customers competitive prices and better service. The old guards have run into the fray. Rather than showing their back they have shaped Jio like plan for their worthy customers. Every next day the operators are launching new plans. This is not done voluntarily but compulsorily to counter the demonic competitor Jio who has engulfed their 6 crores customers that too in a very short period of time.

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