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China: From Being Adamant to Docile

The Doklam stand off between India and China continued for more than two months. The imperialism of 21 century resorted to various strategies ranging from leasing verbal barrage to three warfare——-media, psychological and legal———to cow India into submission

and malign her image by projecting her as an aggressor while itself as a protector of its own boundary.

The dragon wished India to withdraw unilaterally. India treaded the whole issue with caution, maturity and responsibility and refused to play the Chinese game. All the bullish plan of China to make her another Vietnam went awry.

Though both the countries have withdrawn their troops without any preconditions the state controlled Chinese media is finding it hard to stomach its country’s humiliation at domestic and international level. The dragon had warned India to learn from past mistakes, referring to 1962 war which the latter lost. But the barking Chinese dog turned into a whimpering puppy. India has exposed China to the entire world.

China’s retreat is nothing less than accepting defeat. The dragon had applied the pressure technique to make its neighbours toe its line. For the first time the nation got someone who could hold it by its collars and stare straight into its split eyes.

There is jubilation in South Asia as well as Europ and America at the outcome at Doklam. These countries have been victim of oft repeated violations of international laws by the dragon. Its defeat at Doklam has put a check on its imperialism.

  1. Political pandit feared a full scale war between the two neighbours. But it was also estimated that the dragon won’t make a silly mistake of going to with India. The former cannot turn a blind eyes to its deteriorating economic condition due to overspending on warfares and making all its neighbours into enemies.

India should thank all her friends who stood by her openly opposing Chinese move to lock horn with peace loving and progressive India. Dragon’s fury changed into whimper.

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