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To Political-Parties & their Supporters

The political-parties and their supporters should stop raising their fingers at one another and introspect

themselves. They are equal partners in crimes. There is mutual understanding among them. Their only religion is misleading people to garner votes.

Their past record in terms of using govt machinery to champion their political cause is neither different nor heartening. A commission of inquiry in past was inundated with evidence showing how a political party in power misused the official media to further its election prospect.

The evidences were strong enough to disqualify the politician and her minions for six years. The commission even received affidavits from head of the govt media units. Therein several newspaper editors accused govt of having threatened and browbeaten them into playing up the party election prospect.

This was when the emergency was relaxed and election announced.

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The so called nationalist party and it’s supporters should not get into the illusion of taking me or the post as the token of their support. I know what freedom means and hence prefer to being myself.

Let me tell I am not interested in political parties as their eyes are steadfastly fixedly on their only aim of scoring a brownie point for sake of votes. With that motto that why don’t shay away from stooping abysmally low.

How to rob people of their common sense, peace, harmony and brotherhood one can learn it from none than the politicians. Poison is spewed to promote hatred and enmity just before election. Polarisation starts well in advance.

Englishmen are said to have devised the policy of divide and rule during their stay in India. But no one mastered the skill better than our own politicians. They divided India in the name of caste, creed, region and religion. And when there was nothing substantial left they started dividing animals.

Vigilant group or moral policing is nothing but noval means to harass innocent persons , weaken the public system, lure lawless persons to strengthen political network and to polarise communities.

Regional parties were tried. But the public were fed up with them too. Instead of giving a better political alternative they strengthened dynasty politics and expanded their own empire. The political high command and his near and dear are embroiled in corruption, murder or nepotism.

Public is always desperate for better change. So they don’t mind giving a fair chance to any novice or new political party. But in the name of change they got illusion. New political parties are found treading fondly on the same rotten path the conventional parties have walked upon.

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