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A Farewell Party

At the farewell Party of the transferred teachers—-Prem Sunderji, Surender Yadavji, Avinash ji and Anju Bala Yadavji.

All the four have major contributions in their respective fields.

These worthy teachers are better known among their peers for their erudition, experience and kind and cooperative with their equally worthy colleagues.

It will be unfair to rate one over others. Yet they are quite distinct from each other.

Whereas Sh Prem Sunder, a man of deep understanding and a few words but massive work, was the main pillar of the institution due to his unparalleled contribution in teaching as well as administrative matters. His colleagues will never get tired of talking about his cooperation to them. The promotion list is round the corner and then he will be given the full responsibility to manage the school.

Sh Surender Yadav’s smiling face, humorous nature, his ability to cope with anybody, passionate relationship with his students and colleagues and his gift of gab sets him apart from others. He is as much generous with his heart and mind as with his wealth. In a span of less than a year he won the heart of all staff members. It was all owing to his pleasant personality.

I don’t know much directly about Mrs Anju Bala Yadav. But the students of the classes she taught have high words for her. She is master of her subject and students appreciate her for her hard work and knowledge.

Avinash’s transfer is something that the staff will not be able to stomach. His kind service relieved the colleagues from unnecessary harassment of going to the district office. But only respite is that he is transferred to a stone’s throw distance.

Itwill be impossible to forget the contribution of the four.The school wishes them best in life. I am sure they will make good friends in their new schools as well and there too they will be appreciated for their valuable contributions as here.

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