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A Revolutionary or A Thug

Thug : In an effort to revamp itself a conventional party announced its decision to rope in new faces and deny tickets to its existing leaders, their family members and relatives.  It was only option left for it to impress the disgruntled voters.

At this a completely exposed self styled revolutionary (actually a sham and hypocrite of a so called ultra modern party with all the traits of the conventional ones) and a one time crusader against corruption (though now fully dedicated to its promotion) retorted that the conventional party had admitted that it was wrought with corrupt leaders and was desperate to shed that tag.

Now that conventional party has done what it announced publicly. But the chameleon is also back to his usual business (that of changing colours) once again. The same leaders and the followers whom the chameleon called the corrupt are getting a red carpet welcome in his own so called unconventional party.

What remains a question is how swapping a door can make the same politicians pure?

Ye public hai sub jaanti hai..

Disclaimer: It is purely a fiction

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