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Ajay Veer: The Undisputed Leader

Ajay Veer has been the mainstay of the organisation. His absence or isolation has rendered  it insignificant today.

The absence of the most eligible leader from the centre stage and the dominance of the spineless, nihilist, cowards and sycophants has turned the organisation into a fool’s paradise.

An organisation without Ajay-Veer is merely a drain. People staying therein despite his absence  can be compared with merely dirt.

Ajay Veer

And everyone knows that people don’t like drains. They avoid going near or crossing over it if they can help. But if they have to they will cross it with their mouth covered and never turning their eyes to see it.

It should also be understood that Ajay-Veer is not alone. Entire teacher community that elected him with overwhelming votes stands with him.

Those fancying about replacing him will keep waiting and die with their wild dream in their blossom. To be Ajay Veer they will have to be Ajay Veer but it is impossible.

Anyone trying to sideline him will be given a fitting reply.

2 thoughts on “Ajay Veer: The Undisputed Leader

  1. आपसे ऐसी चाटुकारिता की उम्मीद नही की जा सकती के के यादव जी।

    1. Sir, as you see yourself as his opponent I cannot expect better comments from you.

      You will be irrelevent the moment you acknowledge or appreciate qualities in your opponent. This is real politics for those in any party or group. I have never been in any group nor will I ever be in future. Completely non aligned, sir.

      I can appreciate and criticise a person for his good and bad actions​ respectively. That is impossible for people like you. Have I not appreciated your qualities.

      Besides, what shall I cringe for, sir?

      Still I appreciate and thank you for your valuable comments. It gives me a fair chance to introspect myself.

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