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Android co-founder Andy Rubin : launched ‘Essential’ smartphone

Andy Rubin is best known as the Co-Founder of Android. He left Google in 2014 as Android Head, the position was later replaced by Sundar Pichai. Rubin says that instead of criticising present tech situation, he decided to create something new with Essential.

Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android, expressed the hope that Tuesday’s first smartphone was called ‘Essential’. He was working on this project since 2015 and in November 2016, the company’s ‘Essential Products Inc.’ Registered.

Andy Rubin is known as Android co-founder. Google acquired Android in 2005 and till 2013, Andy moved into the company as a senior vice president of mobile and digital content. But later in the year, in December 2013, Rubin started managing robot division in Google. He left Google in 2014 as Android Head, later replaced by this beautiful Pichai.

Ready to take on high end essential Galaxy S8, LG G6, Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus choice. Now with the launch of a new smartphone company and a smartphone, Rubin explains that in the 21st century, the way people want to live, using the 21st Century methods to build those products, “in a new way Decided to start the company. ”

It all started during one night when Rubin and his old friend started talking about the current state of technology. Rubin explains, the real reason behind ‘real’ was because they thought there were “fewer and lesser choices” there, even though the product numbers were increasing, but they had more unnecessary features and did not work with each other.

Rubin says that instead of abandoning another criticism, he decided to make something new, because he felt that “partly responsible for all of this.”

“All the good Android has done to help bring technology to almost everyone, who has helped in creating this strange new world, where people have to fight very technical to simplify their lives. Is it our intention? Was it we could do the best? “Rubin said.

According to Rubin’s blog post, it is to ensure that the device is a personal property of the user, and will not force the user to “do anything on which you do not want to.” Always on the open platform, the Android co-founder said that they will use premium craftsmanship and content, but the phone will be for everyone.

Another issue raised by Rubin is, “Every year the device should not be old, they should develop with you.” So we have to see how something is necessary in this way. Now it is a tradition that most companies have launched a new upgrade for every smartphone model in their lineup. Based on Rubin’s blog post, it seems that this will require necessary and effort to be overcome

What is “essential” smartphone?

Required is a modularly designed phone that comes with a modular attachment like 360 ​​degree camera and charging dock. It has a 5.7-inch QHD 19:10 basel-less display, in which only one photo shooter appears on the front panel. The body of the required smartphone uses a combination of titanium and ceramic materials, which is more durable than the competitor’s claims of the company. The phone comes with top-of-the-line specifications, including Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

The front of the camera has a 13-megapixel dual-rear camera setup, which has a black and white secondary lens sensor. The front camera is an 8 megapixel sensor. Both cameras can record 4K video, even the “world’s slim 360 degree personal camera” is made

The required smartphone is currently available on pre-orders in the US. Its price is $ 699 (about 45,200 rupees), the company will also bundle it for $ 749 (or about Rs 48,500) with the 360D camera.

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