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A Farewell Party

At the farewell Party of the transferred teachers—-Prem Sunderji, Surender Yadavji, Avinash ji and Anju Bala Yadavji.

All the four have major contributions in their respective fields.

These worthy teachers are better known among their peers for their erudition, experience and kind and cooperative with their equally worthy colleagues.

It will be unfair to rate one over others. Yet they are quite distinct from each other.

Whereas Sh Prem Sunder, a man of deep understanding and a few words but massive work, was the main pillar of the institution due to his unparalleled contribution in teaching as well as administrative matters. His colleagues will never get tired of talking about his cooperation to them. The promotion list is round the corner and then he will be given the full responsibility to manage the school.

Sh Surender Yadav’s smiling face, humorous nature, his ability to cope Continue reading “A Farewell Party”

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Process of Turning a Student into a Politician

Why do no one love to stay there beyond school hours, not even teachers, what to speak about students? None would like to visit this place again if they could afford to do so?

Those who enjoy being there are the management committee members. They visit schools not to learn or further the cause of education but only to flaunt their political links and impose their fake supremacy upon students and teachers.

Some students make faces when they hear about their next holiday. But it is just their diplomatic way to appease their teachers. Poor students are under the delusion that their teachers-

  • hate holidays
  • are interested in staying at school beyond prescribed time and
  • are unable to control their pains at the very mention of holidays.

There is no end to their such thinking about their ideal teachers until they are at primary level. They love and adore their teachers. Everything contrary to their imagination about their teachers is unbearable to them. They fight with their parents to justify their teachers. No one appears to them far and above their highly respected teachers at this stage.

At primary and upper primary level their love for their teachers, old and new ones, remains unmitigated. But at secondary and senior secondary level they are having the company of their senior class fellows. These senior fellows have the experience of staying in the same class for a year or more. They are not as naive as those who have gained entry from outside and know nothing about the class ethics and ethos.

For everything the new students will have to depend upon their much experienced fellows. The more experienced pull the wool over the eyes of new students. Most of the new entrants are weak

in spirit and take no time to surrender to the strong and experienced.

Now this new band of new and old; of experienced and naive gives shape to the school atmosphere. Before this group even the most sincere and hardworking teachers too accept defeat what to talk about students.

The bond between the two becomes rock solid with the passage of time. Every effort on the part of administration, teachers and parents to break the union is unproductive.

This emergence of this compulsive coalition shapes our education system at every level henceforth. At college level they are waited upon by hawkish eyes of our politicians. And at their behest it is decided whether the students will embrace nationalism or secularism.

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Pyongyang vs World: Jio Vs Giant Tele Operators


Last week Pyongyang took the whole world to storm the way Reliance Jio took the telecommunication market in India almost a year back. The situation of the world leaders vis-à-vis Kim Jong-un is much like the giants Continue reading “Pyongyang vs World: Jio Vs Giant Tele Operators”

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Cost of Speaking Your Mind Out

Don’t ever try to speak your mind out. It may cost you dearly. If any doubt persists in your mind then contact the near and dear ones of those whose images figure here.

Instead of 21st Century India we are living in Dark Ages dominated by demographic, cultural and economic deterioration.

Darkness of cult workshop and superstition in religion and politics has muzzled free speech and scientific temper.

Champions of free speech and scientific temper like Gouri Lankesh, Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi are being brutally murdered.

Histories are being rewritten by neglecting and humiliating our true heroes. Those expanding their private empires and promoting hatred and rivalry are being hailed as Patriots and nationalists.

Children are forced to take their last breath due to lack of oxygen. There is no stoppage to people losing their near and dear ones in a road accident and unceasing rail accidents @ 270 in the last three years.

People associated with religion have the freedom to amass millions or trillions of money and property by illegal and unethical means to lead a king size life.

They can commit any crimes with little regard for rules. Whole political and bureaucratic world is with them.

Here crony capitalists can rob the nation at their free will. If people cry or complain about them then every arrangement is made by their political mai-baap to leave country and settle abroad.

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A Teacher and His Pivotal Role


A teacher plays a pivotal role in the making, shaping or even shaking life not only of an individual, society, nation but also of entire humanity.

Monumental Contribution

Cast your glance around and your will find that all monumental works have been the result of a teacher’s inspiration. The creator was inspired by a wonderful teacher. Besides, there is chaos, corruption and disharmony in the society. It is because a few hapless fellows opted not be inspired to think and work better by their noble teachers.


A teacher is unbiased, always full of energy and eager to give expecting nothing in return, always forgiving unconditionally and full of love & compassion for his dear students.

Outside Schools & Classrooms

The word teacher cannot be confined only to the professional pedagogues. Rather it has a wider implication. At home parents and other members become first teacher(s). Outside an elderly person in society may be a role model while in schools various subject teachers shaping the life and thoughts of their disciples play a crucial role. Even friends like Narender Yadav, class-fellows and colleagues can also be good teachers.

A human being plays the role of a teacher advertently or inadvertently at various stages of his life and he goes on evolving himself those around him with every experience.

A Mother: The Greatest Teacher

In my opinion a mother is the best teacher for her child. So long as a child is in womb he learns almost everything there. What is learnt outside is nothing but just a formality.

When I look back to my childhood and school days my heart is filled with gratitude and indebtedness to my dear mother who like everyone’s mother made so much sacrifice to see me successful.

Besides, there were teachers from primary, high school, colleges and university. They are so many and so have so much importance to me. Their contribution in my life is immeasurable, invaluable and unforgettable.

I try to learn from everything good and bad.


I emulate the teaching methods of my respected teachers, Sh Rajkumar Verma and Sh Nikhilesh Yadav. Even today I invoke their inspiration and help.

On this Teacher Day I bow reverently to those who have teacher in them irrespective of their age.

Happy Teacher Day!

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ACR Benchmark: From Good to Very Good

7th CPC recommendation and govt decision to raise benchmark from good to very good is not heartening but ridiculous.

An ACR grading is not a measurement of performance but of flattery, crimination and incompetency of HoOs

ACR is a conventional practice. It has brought no positive change. Hence, it must be done away with.

7th central pay commission recommendation to make ‘Very Good’ grading a benchmark for MACP or promotion cannot be justified for various reasons. There is nothing inspiring about it except prolonging the existing harrowing experience of poor subordinates. The govt decision to implement it without any rider is ridiculous. It will push for a tougher competition among employees to devise newer plans to please their HoS and relegate their duty.

Gradings in the ACRs of employees speak volumes about the discriminatory and arbitrary attitude of the head and less about employees’ performance. Even those with 100% result have been awarded average/negative or below benchmark grading on umpteen occasions while those with considerably low result and no contributions whatsoever to their credit get ‘Outstanding’ grading in their ACRs.

Grading is based not on performance but on the whims of the Head and flattery of the subordinate. The trend is in vogue since the very beginning and there seems to be no end to it. The supremacy of the head under every condition has been vindicated whereas the burden of sincere, hardworking and result oriented staffers has been multiplied. Now the latter will have to be concerned as much about their prime duty as about pleasing their boss.

The Heads of Institutes have no scruples or knowledge about evaluating their subordinates. Majority of them are incompetent and corrupt. Rather than promoting any work ethic they promote flattery, corruption and nihilism.

The higher ups adamantly believe that there are very few limited number of employees in every institution with outstanding performance in a session. They take a great pride in lowering grades but never in upgrading ones .

An inflated bill on expenditures is highly desirable and thus always welcome but ACRs with too may ‘outstanding’ grades are bad taste in the mouth of a reviewing officer. Anything that fetches a handsome commission is soothing to the sore eyes.

How many are aware of the fact that many Heads, unscrupulous, devoid of any knowledge and common sense, don’t know any abc of computer, English and ACR. They have to depend largely upon one of subordinates for their own ACR. The same subordinate awards grading to his colleagues at the behest of the head.

So an employee’s relationship will have to pass double filters of his boss and the chosen colleague. It is an uphill task to please ones’ two mother in laws at the same time.

By overrating the shirker but flatterer and under rating a workaholic but sincere subordinates the head sends a signal that he is not bound by any law or conscience.

The HoS have never used this power of theirs in a right spirit. It has always been used to promote inefficiency and flattery and to settle score with those who refuse to serve their whims.

With this power vested in him an HoS behaves more like an arrogant and whimsical mother-in-law and less like the head of an institute.
The whole idea to give a damn care to this archaic and conventional recommendation will be unholy. Rather the idea of ACR should be dispensed with as it serves no purpose as the recommendation will encourage corruption too as no subordinate will dare to check their corrupt seniors.