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Gurmeet and the Politicians

Gurmeet Singh

Politicians and Ministers

Politicians making a Beeline to the Dera:

They raced down to his Dera before every election, struck a cussed bargain with the rapist demigod and
when getting favourable results in election they would rush back to pay their allegiance to the fraud
in the form of huge amount of taxpayers’ hard earned money.

Nothing Matters but Votes to Politicians:
As he had votes at his command so every cry for justice of the victim at the hands of baba would not
only remain unheard but entire system was misused to favour baba and harass the victim.

Premis Taking the State to Ransom:
On the fateful day when Gurmeet was convicted of rape charges the anarchist Premis (word used for followers) were allowed to take the city to ransom. Irreparable damage to life and property worth crores was caused. But
the politicians made every possible effort to see Baba go scot free. No politician across partyline came openly to criticise Singh and his supporters. He had such a clout in the political sphere that knelt down voluntarily on his knees.


Politicians pouring their Heart out to the Rapist
The education ministered in Haryana, Ram Bilas Sharma declared that article 144 does not apply to
bhakts how so much fatal they may be to life and property. Another dhongi baba Mr Shakshi (i don’t think he deserves to be called a Maharaj) was furious at the court for not taking cognizance of Dera supporters. What he openly meant to convey was that the court is no authority to hold a person guilty if has strong backing of a large crowd of the fool and a few similar politicians.

Baba Behind Bars and Politicians turning their Back at Him:
Thanks to the judge and the inquiry officer that the baba is cooling his heels in jail. Everyone wonders
whether the same politicians who outraced each other to bow to the person appearing spiritual
from nowhere will come together to appeal against the decision in the highest court of the land. No
one should be surprised if they furnish bail papers for the baba and blame the innocent girl for implicating the demigod in a false rape case.


God save this earth from such Babas, their demoniac supporters in public and political domain!

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To Teach or Not to Teach Without Books?

                                    The Ultimate Question

Part 1
What should a teacher keep in mind while choosing a method of teaching? Should one continue with the same method they once chose at the beginning of career or evolve with the level of classes and number of years in the profession. There are teachers whose methodology changes with change in level of students and their own experience? There are others who prefer sticking to the same old gun.

The whole debate and discussion today is: To teach or not to teach a class from textbooks?
I am not totally against use of textbooks by a teacher in a class. Nor do I mean to undermine their importance in a class. But my question is——–up to what level?


At primary level the textbooks are indispensable. You will have my views on that too but not today. Reading habit cannot be developed among students in the absence of textbook. At upper primary level too role of textbooks cannot be neglected. Even a layman too knows it.


(to be continued…..)

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Democracy on Ventilation

Democracy in India

Sandeep Tomar is quite right when he writes  that democracy is on ventilation in India. There is nothing new about this  as it has been going on for years. Its condition is deteriorating day by day and will be more pathetic with passage of time.

What he has forgotten to add is that for this condition like a patient etherised upon a table we have a great deal to reproach ourselves with. No hope of improvement appears in near future too.

For any system to be successful  it has to depend upon its people. When the citizens of a nation are not mature enough to have their own opinion and the press is not free one cannot expect much one cannot expect much. The ignorant and greedy can be easily misled and misguided. Their self interest matters most to them.

Most of them have wedded themselves to one political party or the other. If a party of their choice comes to power they become its supporters and can go to any length to defend even the wrong policies and decisions.

The others who subscribe to different ideologies think it their religion to criticise every move of the party in power.

A healthy criticism is fodder for democracy. The govt too should take it in a right vein while critics should criticise staying unaligned to any political faith.

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The Radio-Then and Now

 For those in the spring time of their life it will be hard to believe that there was also a time once when the radio was the one and only source of our entertainment available to people in the past.
People were almost addicted to it as it encroached upon most of their luxury time. Whether they were at their field, village, chaupal or home porch the gadget was always with them. Even while going to attend the call of nature people could not afford to dispense with it even for a moment. While sleeping and awoke with it.
In society and family people gathered around the radio and listen to their favourite programmes in the form of classical songs, news or cricket commentary. Even the household ladies (considered oppressed and neglected that time) would entertain themselves with folk songs while preparing teekde and raabri at the haari (unsophisticated round earthen hearth).
A house with it was considered rich while a marriage in which the groom was not gifted the instrument along with cycle and wrist watch was considered unfortunate and hence looked down upon in society.
With the passage of time the highly valued gadget underwent various changes in its sizes and shapes. First it was of cumbersome size, then of medium size and then at last almost of your pocket size.
Today it is hard to believe that the thing the people were so much obsessed with will one day be so easily forgotten. Man ki baat is a futile effort to revive the radio but more than man ki baat people seem to be interested in dhan ki baat.