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The Radio-Then and Now

 For those in the spring time of their life it will be hard to believe that there was also a time once when the radio was the one and only source of our entertainment available to people in the past.
People were almost addicted to it as it encroached upon most of their luxury time. Whether they were at their field, village, chaupal or home porch the gadget was always with them. Even while going to attend the call of nature people could not afford to dispense with it even for a moment. While sleeping and awoke with it.
In society and family people gathered around the radio and listen to their favourite programmes in the form of classical songs, news or cricket commentary. Even the household ladies (considered oppressed and neglected that time) would entertain themselves with folk songs while preparing teekde and raabri at the haari (unsophisticated round earthen hearth).
A house with it was considered rich while a marriage in which the groom was not gifted the instrument along with cycle and wrist watch was considered unfortunate and hence looked down upon in society.
With the passage of time the highly valued gadget underwent various changes in its sizes and shapes. First it was of cumbersome size, then of medium size and then at last almost of your pocket size.
Today it is hard to believe that the thing the people were so much obsessed with will one day be so easily forgotten. Man ki baat is a futile effort to revive the radio but more than man ki baat people seem to be interested in dhan ki baat.