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Democracy and Education

What should come first democracy or education? Will the former have any importance in the absence of the latter? And how would situations have changed had precedence been given to education rather than democracy? Will democracy not suffer in the absence of education?

Many countries opted for democracy after gaining independence from colonialism. But sooner or later they succumbed to dictatorships. Reason being greedy politicians and ignorant and illiterate people there. The principle of might is right prevails under such conditions.

There is hardly any difference between dictatorship and democracy if the masses in a country are poor and illiterate. The poor can be purchased for food and the illiterate can be easily misguided.

Among the poor and illiterate only cunning, cruel and hypocrite leaders will prosper. Patriotism, nationalism, casteism, bigotry and all other isms and ills will be there except anything to facilitate the lives of the public. Newer ways to divide and rule them will be devised by the vile politicians.

People will be completely confused. The political parties and media will club together to present unrealistic picture before you and disrobe you of your power and right to think independently.

Every political parties have either their own media house and one in power will have its vice like grip on them. You will be presented with what they like not what you wish to have. Items in the menu will be distasteful to you. But you will find yourself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The system is corrupted and controlled by the rich, powerful and influential people. The poor will crave for it but it will be inaccessible to them. The politicians along with their near and dear ones will live in their own bubble chambers while the poor will be doomed to die in a filthy state.

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