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Democracy on Ventilation

Democracy in India

Sandeep Tomar is quite right when he writes  that democracy is on ventilation in India. There is nothing new about this  as it has been going on for years. Its condition is deteriorating day by day and will be more pathetic with passage of time.

What he has forgotten to add is that for this condition like a patient etherised upon a table we have a great deal to reproach ourselves with. No hope of improvement appears in near future too.

For any system to be successful  it has to depend upon its people. When the citizens of a nation are not mature enough to have their own opinion and the press is not free one cannot expect much one cannot expect much. The ignorant and greedy can be easily misled and misguided. Their self interest matters most to them.

Most of them have wedded themselves to one political party or the other. If a party of their choice comes to power they become its supporters and can go to any length to defend even the wrong policies and decisions.

The others who subscribe to different ideologies think it their religion to criticise every move of the party in power.

A healthy criticism is fodder for democracy. The govt too should take it in a right vein while critics should criticise staying unaligned to any political faith.

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