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Govt School vs Ministers’ Children

I hope our ministers, politicians, bureaucrats and teachers too respond positively to the invitation to enrol their children in govt schools.

Despite the best efforts of the sincere, hardworking and highly resourceful teachers there is no chance of improvement in govt schools unless parents, bureaucrats and politicians too contribute in this direction.

Those who enjoy enjoy taxpayers’ money should enrol their wards in govt schools. But it is foolish to have such wild expectations from them.

Why will they do so when they themselves or their near and dear ones have stakes in so called public schools?

An education minister declares improvement of govt schools his top priority but abstains from enrolling his children in govt school.

Very impishly he declares that he won’t consider govt schools improved unless he finds them fit enough to enrol his own child there.

This statement shows how causal is his attitude vis-a-vis education. Is it not like putting a horse before the cart?

May good sense prevail upon such an education minister!

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