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The Ideological Revolution in India

I have often said that a revolution is inevitable in India, and indeed is the only way out for our people in the terrible predicament we are in.
All our state institutions have collapsed, while the people’s discontent is rising in the face of massive poverty, massive and rising unemployment, massive child nourishment, almost total lack of healthcare and good education for the masses, etc.
But a physical revolution is always preceded by an ideological revolution, which paves the way for the former.
For instance, the French Revolution of 1789 was preceded by an intense, long drawn ideological struggle in France called the French Enlightenment. The theories of Voltaire, Rousseau, and the French Encyclopedists were a powerful attack on the entire feudal system in France.
Similarly, in India we have to launch a powerful, sweeping attack on feudal thinking, customs and practices, e.g. casteism, communalism, superstions and other backward thinking and practices, and replace them by modern, rational and scientific thinking and practices.
This changing of the mindset of over a billion people of India will be a very difficult, gigantic task, but it alone can be the precursor to the coming physical storm which will sweep away centuries of feudal filth in our country

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