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Jhunjhuna Re Jhunjhuna

The election campaign is fever pitch. Jhunjhuna is also waiting for you. Be careful not only at your home but outside too. Political parties and their worthless leaders are roaming about in every nook and corner with jhunjhuna and lollipop in their kitty.

The first item is meant to entertain you and keep oblivious of harsh realities while the second one is meant to keep you survive somehow at least for next five years.

Paper plans or what you call jhunjhuna, are being made and remade keeping solely you in mind. You are at their political radar. Until election is over you are their Alma Mater (nourishment).

Your common sense will be robbed by empty promises. This time too they will promise you the moon. Unabashedly a false claim will be made about the delivery of the moon promised last time. And you will have no option before them but nod your head affirmatively.

Every effort will be made to make you emotional. They know how weak you are. Your resistance cannot last long. In the name of caste, creed, reason or religion they will make serpentine. This way or that you will be made to accept jhunjhuna sheepishly.

Let’s hope you won’t give in so meekly at least this time. It has been enough. You are no more a child but a grown up. Be a man and give them a good run for their money.

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