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Loss and Gain of School Holidays

No one loves schools. Neither students nor their teachers. Both outrace each other after the stipulate school time is over. Many escape much before others. Schools are ridden as much with drop out problem as with truancy.

Unexpected declaration or cancellation of a holiday gives both students ad teachers joy and pain respectively in equal proportion. They even calculate their next holidays in advance.

When their schools reopen after long vacations or series of holidays their long drawn face states it all.

Only creatures on the earth who are interested to see the school always open are parents and management committee members. The former are happy as all their headache is now that of the school. The latter get no chance to flaunt their political link when schools are off.

The third species who love to see the  schools always open are those involved with political party in power and and contractors.

The mid day meal contract is given to the near and dear ones of a minister. An off day in school is troublesome for a minister as his relative is deprived of a fair chance to make easy money through the infectious food.

The contractor has not much reason to lament the closed schools. It is a blessing in disguise for him. He can settle the deal at a place desired by the principal—at the house of the either or a hotel or restaurant.

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