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How to improve your Mathematics

MATHEMATICS, actually is one of the most dangerous words for most of the students. What I noticed in the result this year in my school was that students did not perform as expected in mathematics. I am a 12th class student in Delhi and I also faced difficulties in mathematics till last year. I did not score more the 60% in any of my mathematics tests. The whole year went on like this and I did not improve. But this year I was determined to improve myself in mathematics. And now I have not scored below 85% in any of my tests.

What I did to improve is simple but needs determination. We keep hearing that “practice makes us better”, but no one tells us how to practice. Now here is how you can improve yourself in mathematics –

  1. Time Table – Having a time table is must and very helpful. Studying randomly sounds good but does not help. A time table makes us punctual to our work and punctuality is what mathematics needs. Until last year I did not have a time table which made me careless to my word. I used to practice mathematics a day and skip  it for three days. This is a hazardous way of studying. A time table is must for a student.
  2. Focus – Mathematics requires focus. While solving mathematics problems one should not think of anything other than the problem. One should not leave his/her desk until his task is complete irrespective of how much time it is going to take.  Meditation helps a lot to strengthen focus. A student should meditate for at least half an hour a day.
  3. Tests – One should give test after appropriate intervals, say every Sunday. Tests give us a sense of our performance and also help us analyse our progress. I also started this and notice the remarkable change. Not only test have to be give but it also has to be analysed and then the mistakes are to be corrected.
  4. Teacher – A dedicated teacher also helps a lot. I have a very dedicated and passionate mathematics teacher and I am very thankful to be his student. Teacher not only shows us the right path but also corrects us if we are on the wrong.
  5. Studying before class – We all already know what is to be taught in the next class. So why not study it in advance. This helps a lot. I enhances our understanding power and also enables us to ask our doubts. This also boosts our confidence.
  6. Revision – No matter how hard you study but if you don’t revise you wont be able to score good. So you need to revise and revise timely.

Try out these things and believe me, if you do the same with full determination you will score better in the coming exams. Hope this article helps you.


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