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Mere Angne Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai: MaSi

This is what MaSi seems to asking MaTi

MaSi has been insulting and punishing teachers since he assumed office. He loved them very much before coming to power. That time he promised to bring them moon in no time if they voted him to power.

But now it is all a thing of past for him. Presently he cannot see teachers eye to eye. In the name of change in education he is creating sensation in the society. This is his concept of education.

Thanks to the declaration of election in municipalities that he has rediscovered his love and sympathy for teachers.

MaTi’s misbehaviour with a teacher recently has deeply hurt and enraged MaSi. His newl fangled idea is that MaTi must apologise to the concerned teacher.

MaSi is quite right. How can MaTi venture to do what is MaSi’s prerogative? MaSi is doing it for more than last two years. He has copyrights.

If MaTi did not abstain from Ma-Si’s domain then he will be sued with demand for huge compensation.
Disclaimer: MaTi and Ma-Si are purely fictitious characters and have nothing to do with any state political party president or the education minister of any union territory. Any correlation whatsoever will be called merely a figment of readers’ own imagination.

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