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I was super excited as this was going to be my first WordCamp.

My friend Arvind is a developer and has his own website. The WordCamp was more of his stuff and I was just accompanying him hoping to learn something new. As we reached the  venue for the WordCamp I was delighted as well as nervous to see such a colossal crowd. I was glad because more the attendees more would we learn and nervous because I did not now much about developing. There were huge rustling trees with chirping birds on them with put me into a cheerful mood. We steeped in and I was shocked to see such a big line starting from on gate and ending on the other. And suddenly a chubby and humble man wearing some kind of gate pass saying “organizer” and asked us to join a separate queue for students. Arvind asked me to stay where I was and went forward in the queue to collect our gate passes. After receiving the gate passes we stepped inside the building filled with a faint floral smell. The breakfast was ready. It was idli with zesty coconut chutney in the breakfast. We ate it with relish. Then Arvind asked me not to mind if he could not accompany me most of the time as he had some stuff to do. Now I Arvind had left four of us. I then, hoping to learn something, started talking to the sponsors. I participated in contests and also won prizes and ate a lot of candies. Then it was time for lunch which was super scrumptious. The there were some sessions which I did not attend in the first half. After the lunch we won some exciting prizes such as wireless speakers, wireless mouse, USB led lights and many more.

In a nutshell I enjoyed even more than what I had expected. I am looking forward for my next WordCamp.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know your opinions.

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