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No one cares about the quality of education imparted here

No One Cares: Why has no political party raised any question on the quality of education in India?

Is it because their own children or those of their relatives and friends do not study here. Is it because they themselves or someone in their inner circle are running private school on govt land? In the worst education scenario at present the teachers are being stabbed to death while the ministers are dreaming about introducing fish-land or dinosaur model of education. It is being generally heard that control of Govt schools is being given by some govt to extra constitutional agencies with a well thought out plan. Should it not be termed government failure if it cannot repair the sick and faulty education system?

No One Cares For A Good Education System In India.

 There are many reasons why children are not able to attend the schools:-

  • Poor infrastructure – few schools especially in rural and remote tribal areas. Those that are there have poor classrooms, no compounds, no latrines and no drinking water facilities. 

  • Parents are not certain about the safety of the girl child travelling to school even if it is only 1/2 km away from home.

  • Apparently simple issues like the need to cross a highway / stream on the way to school keeps kids away. 



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