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A Passionate Teacher is a Successful Teacher

A teacher is no teacher until and unless he is passionate about job. Attending classes, interacting with students and updating his knowledge is his credo.

It is typical of a teacher that his method of teaching, relationship with his students and level of gratification goes on evolving with the passage of time.

No doubt it a challenge today to get students serious about their studies. Mushrooming public school and coaching centres in every nook and corner are taking a toll on the very concept of education.

Yet the more challenging the teaching situations the better chances for teachers to evolve and prove himself.

Students can be won over or improved neither by fear or intimidation nor by pampering. Though it is impossible to hush up students for a longer period. If a teacher fails to give something worthwhile to his students then it will be impossible for him to check dissent and revolt among them vis a vis his method of teaching.

A passionate teacher always makes introspection of his method of teaching. It is not the pass percentage but the faces of his students that reflect the result of his teaching. Faces of his students during and after teaching inspires or compels a teacher to change or continue with his existing methodology.

To be honest a teacher’s methodology is never the same. If he is passionate about his profession then it goes on evolving. Most of teachers in their classes start with books. But a passionate one reaches a stage of no book while delivering his lesions.

Besides, he devises newer ways to make his topic more entertaining and easy. His ability to relate his the topic with his surroundings peppered with sense of humour increases manifolds. He feels lighter, ecstatic and proud as a person after every lesson he delivers.

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