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Pyongyang vs World: Jio Vs Giant Tele Operators


Last week Pyongyang took the whole world to storm the way Reliance Jio took the telecommunication market in India almost a year back. The situation of the world leaders vis-à-vis Kim Jong-un is much like the giants appearing hapless when pitted against new entrant Jio.

Pyongyang sent mighty tremors across the world capitals by conducting a test of what it called a mighty hydrogen bomb. Whereas the neighbouring countries like Japan and South Korea have felt a chill down to their spine it is getting hard for the USA to control its tantrums. The USA president who was blowing hot and cold until a month back is finding it hard to deal with the ‘rogue nation.’

This is the same situation the old guards in Indian telecommunication faced when Jio made expected but emphatic entry into the market by rolling down freebies to the cellular data hungry India customers. For long they had been bogged down by hefty charges for internet and call packs. Much like heavyweights in the world politics the biggies of telecommunication showed huge resentment against the customer friendly behaviour of the fledgling. The beginner was accused of spoiling the market for which the bigwigs were least prepared.

There is no difference between condition of the world leaders against North Korea and Reliance Jio versus the much dominating players in telecommunication. Whereas Jio got the favour of its customers North Korea had its reliable friends in the name of China and Russia.

The two nations have come to its rescue when the USA urged the UNO to isolate Pyongyang completely by imposing fresh sanctions against it and terminating ties with any nation that sustains business links with the rouge nation.

Donald Trump has put a hard choice between the world to choose between the USA or Pyongyang. The attitude and acts of the regulator at the appeal of old mighty rivals against Jio freebies was similar to that of China against the US demand of sanction against North Korea.

The end result for Pyongyang too will be similar to what Jio enjoys now. All appeals and efforts of the old players exhausted. They have gone the Jio way. Every other company is trying hard to lure or retain customers by doling out freebies and better service today.

The world too will have to reconcile with the entry of North Korea into superpower club. Welcome gate will have to be opened sooner or later for the new entrant.

After all everyone has a right to survive.




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