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Reservation & Its unjustified Opposition

You must have come across several posts advocating abolition of reservation system in govt jobs. It is quite baffling. Isn’t it? As such people are deprived of independent thinking so they can be easily misguided and misled by anything that is new and strange.

Raising questions on system should never be objectionable. Rather such practices should be encouraged. But doing it without going through the length and breadth of such topic is condemnable and hence it should be avoided.

Those getting reservation today have gone through long annals of social discrimination, slavery, hatred, humiliation and deprivations. They slogged for their ruthless masters for nothing but insults and rejections.

From these self proclaimed, socialists, nationalists and patriots I would like to know how is reservation in public sector the root cause of all evils and how its abolition will pave the way for Ram Rajya in India?

No, there will never be a blanket ban on the misuse and manipulation of the system by the rich and powerful. They have been doing it for years and will keep doing so henceforth too. The provision of reservation provides the poor a cushion against such manipulation.

The beneficiaries will give up reservation once the farmers start getting fair price of their produce; tribal people are not displaced from forests in the name of development; education and employment is easy accessible to one and all without any discrimination and everyone is given guarantee of a secure and respectful life in society.

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