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Situations under Anti Romeo Squad


Don’t get surprised if you see unprecedented and never ending queues outside food corporation and magistrate office as were generally seen outside banks and ATMs during traumatic demonetisation period.

Marriage certificates and ration cards will no longer be neglected now. Their demand will be much in vogue not to avail any govt scheme to give a more genuine and pious look to relationship and save one’s skin from the much dreaded Anti Romeo Squad.

So do not be surprised if you find fathers –mothers , brothers –sisters and cousins getting out of their residence with relation certificates dangling around their necks covering the best part of their chest.

Keeping proof of marriage and relationship while leaving your home will be as much compulsory as keeping the papers of your vehicles if you are using them. In the absence of certificates you will have to deal with the squad the way you deal with the traffic police.

Keep a Shakespearean book in public at your own peril. Books with Shakespearean butt will have to be covered properly the way any post, pillars or monuments bearing the name or image of a politician or his political party are removed, covered under thick coats of paint or with cloth after implementation of moral code of conduct during election.

Reading Shakespeare in public will be treated much like showing a red cloth to the bull.

Participation or interference of the squad members in deciding or solemnising relationship will increase in the coming days. They would be seen playing spoilsports in marriage functions. Their entry in the marriage or other social functions will be much viewed like those of supporting actresses playing the role of a vampire in an auspicious occasion.

Before giving one’s daughter to a prospecting groom a father may demand a clearance certificate from the local office of the Anti Romeo Squad. Only time will tell whether procuring a clearance certificate will be as easy as getting academic certificates.

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