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This Is Why I Hate The Modern Day Schools

Albert Einstein once said that everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life believing that its stupid.
Not only do the modern day schools make the fish climb tree but also make them climb down. The schools find it fun turning millions of people into robots. Do you realize how many students relate to that fish swimming upstream in class, never finding their gifts, thinking they are stupid and believing that they are useless.
If you see a modern day phone and a phone used hundred years ago there is a big difference. Similarly there is a huge difference in the cars also. But we have been using the same kind of classroom for almost 150 years. Literally more than a century but nothing more has changed. Yet the schools claim to prepare students for the future.
The schools are like making people work in factory which explains why they put students in straight rows, tell them raise your hand if you want to speak, give them a short break to eat and for 6 hours a day tell them what to think; and oh! make them compete to get an ‘A’, a letter that determines product quality. Back times were different but today we don’t need to make robot zombies, the world has progressed and now we need people who think creatively, innovatively, critically and independently with the ability to connect.
Every scientist will tell you that no two brains are the same and every parent with two or more children will confirm that claim. So, the school system need to explain why they trick the students like cookie cutter frames given that this one size fits all the crap. If the doctor prescribes the exact same medicine to all the patients the results will be tragic. Yet when it comes to schools, this is exactly what happens. This educational malpractice where one teacher stands in front of 35 kids each with different strengths, different needs, different dreams but the schools teach the same thing the same way. That’s terrific.
Actually the teachers are not to blame. Teachers are the heroes but they work in a system without any options.
If we continue this way the results are going to be lethal. If we cant customize health, cars and facebook pages then it is our duty to do the same for education. Since it is useless unless be work to bring a spirit out of each and every student. This should be the schools task. No more common core instead reach the core of every heart. Let’s give every gifted an equal chance. I know this sounds like a dream but countries like Finland are doing impressive things. They have shorter school days, no homework and they focus on collaboration instead of competition. There are schools like Montessori and programs like Khan Academy. There is no single solution.
In countries like India students are 65% of our population and 100% of our future. So, let’s attain to their dreams and there’s no telling what we can achieve. This is a world in which I believe, a world where fish is no longer forced to climb a tree.

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A Farewell Party

At the farewell Party of the transferred teachers—-Prem Sunderji, Surender Yadavji, Avinash ji and Anju Bala Yadavji.

All the four have major contributions in their respective fields.

These worthy teachers are better known among their peers for their erudition, experience and kind and cooperative with their equally worthy colleagues.

It will be unfair to rate one over others. Yet they are quite distinct from each other.

Whereas Sh Prem Sunder, a man of deep understanding and a few words but massive work, was the main pillar of the institution due to his unparalleled contribution in teaching as well as administrative matters. His colleagues will never get tired of talking about his cooperation to them. The promotion list is round the corner and then he will be given the full responsibility to manage the school.

Sh Surender Yadav’s smiling face, humorous nature, his ability to cope Continue reading “A Farewell Party”

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Process of Turning a Student into a Politician

Why do no one love to stay there beyond school hours, not even teachers, what to speak about students? None would like to visit this place again if they could afford to do so?

Those who enjoy being there are the management committee members. They visit schools not to learn or further the cause of education but only to flaunt their political links and impose their fake supremacy upon students and teachers.

Some students make faces when they hear about their next holiday. But it is just their diplomatic way to appease their teachers. Poor students are under the delusion that their teachers-

  • hate holidays
  • are interested in staying at school beyond prescribed time and
  • are unable to control their pains at the very mention of holidays.

There is no end to their such thinking about their ideal teachers until they are at primary level. They love and adore their teachers. Everything contrary to their imagination about their teachers is unbearable to them. They fight with their parents to justify their teachers. No one appears to them far and above their highly respected teachers at this stage.

At primary and upper primary level their love for their teachers, old and new ones, remains unmitigated. But at secondary and senior secondary level they are having the company of their senior class fellows. These senior fellows have the experience of staying in the same class for a year or more. They are not as naive as those who have gained entry from outside and know nothing about the class ethics and ethos.

For everything the new students will have to depend upon their much experienced fellows. The more experienced pull the wool over the eyes of new students. Most of the new entrants are weak

in spirit and take no time to surrender to the strong and experienced.

Now this new band of new and old; of experienced and naive gives shape to the school atmosphere. Before this group even the most sincere and hardworking teachers too accept defeat what to talk about students.

The bond between the two becomes rock solid with the passage of time. Every effort on the part of administration, teachers and parents to break the union is unproductive.

This emergence of this compulsive coalition shapes our education system at every level henceforth. At college level they are waited upon by hawkish eyes of our politicians. And at their behest it is decided whether the students will embrace nationalism or secularism.