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To Teach or Not to Teach Without Books?

                                    The Ultimate Question

Part 1
What should a teacher keep in mind while choosing a method of teaching? Should one continue with the same method they once chose at the beginning of career or evolve with the level of classes and number of years in the profession. There are teachers whose methodology changes with change in level of students and their own experience? There are others who prefer sticking to the same old gun.

The whole debate and discussion today is: To teach or not to teach a class from textbooks?
I am not totally against use of textbooks by a teacher in a class. Nor do I mean to undermine their importance in a class. But my question is——–up to what level?


At primary level the textbooks are indispensable. You will have my views on that too but not today. Reading habit cannot be developed among students in the absence of textbook. At upper primary level too role of textbooks cannot be neglected. Even a layman too knows it.


(to be continued…..)

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